The Colorado music scene is brimming with talented artists performing a variety of music.

From The Petty Nicks Experience’s theatrical tributes to Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks and The Burroughs’ “sweaty soul” to the rich vocals of Gii Astorga and enchanting melodies from The Lumineers, the Rocky Mountain state brings some fierce competition to the music industry.

One Colorado musician who is blazing his own path in the music industry is that of Colorado Springs’ Jacob Christopher.

The Greeley Tribune caught up with Christopher at the Tom Davis Saloon in Loveland where he was preparing for back-to-back concerts at the popular country bar, helping patrons to ring in the New Year.

Country music artist Jacob Christopher pulls inspiration from a variety of music genres, including modern country, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classic and pop rock, as well as classic country music. (Courtesy/Jacob Christopher)

As with most touring artists, we found Christopher busy helping the band set up the stage. Sweaty from hefting heavy equipment combined with the excitement of his upcoming performance, Christopher graciously took time to chat about his past as well as his plans for the future.

Like most musicians trying to break into the industry, Christopher began performing everywhere and anywhere.

“I started playing on the street when I was like 19-years old. Me and my bass player always play where I got my start, in a bar called Gasoline Alley,” Christopher said. “That’s where it all started and I’ve kind of bobbed and weaved over the last five years. I took songwriting seriously when I became 24 and everything’s just been crazy since then.”

While he’s gathered quite a few feathers in his cap during the past five years, traveling to Nashville to record on the CLAW Sessions Live Studio, which was released on Jan. 6, was certainly a highlight.

“I am really excited to be able to release those songs and I think some of the best songs I’ve written are on that,” he said. “We got to hear one of my songs the very first time on country radio this summer while we were on tour in New Mexico.

“Everything since then has just been kind of a whirlwind — shows, studio, writing, practice.”

Christopher embraces inspiration a vast array of country music artists, including Wyoming native Ian Munsick, Kip Moore, Eric Church, 80s rock and Americana like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

Check out the video to Christopher’s “Lazy Day” here:

In addition to singing and playing guitar, Christopher pens his own music.

“I write all my own songs. There’s a couple of songwriters on a couple of songs that I have, but the majority I like to do my own thing,” Christopher said.

Christopher describes his music as “blue-collar rock” with the flair of country storytelling.

Christopher’s newest release, “Lazy Day,” is a super catchy tune that’s not only fun to listen to, but to sing along with, as well.

Christopher’s story-telling style of music doesn’t just include the upbeat lyrics of “Lazy Day.” He easily transitions to sing about lost love in “Small Town Girl” and rejoices in finding love in “Nothing But the Moon.”

Hailing from Denver, Jacob Christopher is an up and coming country music artist. (Courtesy/Jacob Christopher)

“I try not to sugar-coat anything with just B.S. I try to write how it actually happened and how it actually was,” Christopher explained. “I think that if I’m honest with myself about how I write, then if it happened to me, it had to have happened to somebody else. I go into every write with that mentality.”

His passion for creating engaging music is what drives Christopher to continue to hone and improve his songwriting skills.

“I would love to be a better songwriter. Every day I wake up and I wish that magic wand would just come so I don’t have to think so hard,” he said, laughing. “I use all my brain power, not just the left.”

It’s not just the lyrics and chords of his songs that catch music fans’ ear. Christopher’s soft, yet deep gravelly voice commands audience member’s attention.

Jacob Christopher and his band play a show this past July at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming. (Courtesy/Jacob Christopher)

If I had to liken his singing other country artists, I’d say his vocal style is akin to that of Kip Moore and Lee Brice in that you won’t hear tons of riffs and runs in his songs. Christopher embraces his vocal range and works to perfect his delivery using what he’s got.

“I love the country music scene more than anything because it’s such a cool group to play for; it’s never a bad time,” Christopher said. “Country music fans want to hear good music, they don’t just come to rock; they want to hear stories.”

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Country music artist Jacob Christopher has earned a variety of accolades, including a 2017 Nash Next 95.1 finalist, 2017 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards New Artist of the Year nomination and 2018 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards Songwriter of the Year nomination. (Courtesy/Jacob Christopher)

This article was originally published in Greeley Tribune