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Homeownership can be sweet, that is until something unexpected happens and you are cracking open your checkbook to pay for repairs.

In addition to the financial strain, finding a reputable, honest and experienced company to do the repairs can also add stress of the situation.

When it comes to repairing or replacing a garage door, both finances and finding the right company go hand in hand.

A broken garage door can be more of just an eyesore, it can threaten the security of a home, said Dustin Roth, owner of Axis Garage Doors out of Severance.

Dustin Roth, owner of Axis Garage Doors. (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

While he’s been contemplating starting his own business for a while, Roth officially kicked off Axis Garage Doors on Jan. 1, 2023.

“I knew I had motivation and I knew I had good work ethics,” Roth said. “I already had a lot of the tools and I have been around the garage door business for a long time.”

The company’s name and the bright orange “A” are nods to his passion for hunting.

“I’ve never shot an Axis deer, but I want to. They are an invasive exotic species in Texas and they’re all over Hawaii,” Roth explained. “I really enjoy hunting and that’s my passion. Hunting is what saved me from getting into trouble. It’s important to me so I bring it with me everywhere.”

With little overhead, Roth is able to charge less than many larger garage door companies. He will also match competitors’ prices and beat it by $30.

Some of the most common repairs Roth encounters when it comes to garage doors are sticky tracks and rollers, broken springs and/or cables, and garage door openers that need adjustments or reprogramming.

“I haven’t had any issues getting parts. It seems like it’s been on the up and up coming back from COVID,” Roth said.

While garage doors are typically pretty sturdy, things like extreme wind, hail or distracted drivers can easily cause damage to a door. (Credit/Getty Images)

Of course, there are times when the entire garage door needs to be replaced due to damage from hail, wind or a new or distracted driver who forgets to hit the garage door button before backing up.

“That’s a pretty common thing,” Roth said, chuckling.

For customers that need a total door replacement, Axis can take care of the installation including removing the damaged door, prepping the area, installing new tracks and rollers, setting springs and cables and connecting everything up to an electric garage door opener if applicable.

If you need to replace a broken door or are looking to upgrade your old garage door to add more curb appeal to your property, Axis offers a variety of door styles, handles and hinges and window options as well as insulated and non-insulated door options.

Axis Garage Doors, owned by Dustin Roth, offers repairs, installations and custom orders for customers in Windsor and around northern Colorado. (Courtesy/Dustin Roth, Axis Garage Doors)

And if you’re looking for a unique color that is not commonly offered, Axis has you covered. They can paint your door whatever color you are aiming for, from Coral Bells to Tantalizing Teal and everything in between.

In addition to providing repairs, installations and custom garage door designs to people in the communities of Windsor and northern Colorado, Roth is focused on providing top-notch customer service.

“I always ask my customers if there is anything at all that they are unhappy with before I leave, that way I can fix it right away. I want to make sure they are happy with my work,” Roth said. “I am very quality and safety focused.”

When it comes to a property’s curb appeal, garage doors can play a big part in that picture. (Credit/P.A. Thompson)

Part of his customer service mission is to give customers all of their options for repairs and/or replacements without any pushy sales tactics.

“A customer may not have an insulated garage door and that might be a benefit to them, but if that’s not in their budget, I totally understand,” Roth said. “I will give them a recommendation, but I am not here to push anything. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I suckered someone into something they didn’t need —that’s really big with me.”

Roth also wants to be the kind of employer where employees are valued for their work and contribution to the company.

“I started at the bottom. I was a high school drop out because high school wasn’t for me. So I left there and I worked my way up from laborer to foreman with LPR Construction,” Roth explained. “They helped me get my GED and really cared about me and made me feel like part of the family. That’s where I learned a lot about owning a business.”

Axis Garage Doors, owned by Dustin Roth, offers repairs, installations and custom orders for customers in Windsor and around northern Colorado. (Courtesy/Dustin Roth, Axis Garage Doors)

Paying employees a livable wage, encouraging growth of their skills and mentoring them are just a few of the things Roth is striving for as a future employer.

“I want to get the best of the best so that I can have really good quality, safety and customer service type people who have respect for me and my name,” Roth said. “It’s one of the greatest things where someone is willing to help you and take you under their wing. I want to do that for others.”

The 411

• Dustin Roth, owner Axis Garage Doors

• Providing installations, repairs and custom orders for residential, rental and commercial properties

• For more information, call (970) 814-7521, go to www.axisgd.com or email dustin@axisgd.com.

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