Windsor Water Utility customers are invited to attend this year’s spring clean up from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday and Saturday, May 12-13, at the public services facility, 922 North 15th St. in Windsor.

An entry voucher may be found on the back page of the spring Windsor Matters magazine mailed to all Windsor residents.

If the voucher is misplaced, residents may bring valid identification such as a driver’s license or a copy of a previous utility bill to Windsor Town Hall, 301 Walnut St., the Public Services facility, or the Community Recreation Center, 250 11th St., during regular business hours, or day-of at the event for a replacement.

At the spring clean up, residents will be able to drive up and drop-off their materials at corresponding stations. Residents will be responsible for unloading their own items.

The following items can be brought to the event for disposal:

General household trash.

Organic materials such as yard and garden waste, branches, tree limbs up to four inches in diameter and grass clippings.

Scrap metal.

Vehicle tires without rims.

Stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, grills and bicycles.

Electronics (laptops, computers, keyboards, cell phones, tablets, servers, flat screen televisions and monitors, small printers and copiers).

The following items will not be accepted:

General household mixed recycling (paper, cardboard etc.).

Hazardous waste.

Propane tanks and gas cylinders.

Refrigerators or other appliances containing freon.

Construction debris (dirt, cement, pavers).

Wooden pallets.



CRT televisions.

Non-recyclable glass (cut glass, mirrors, porcelain, ceramics, window glass).

Animal carcasses.

Windsor Water Utility customers are also eligible for a one-time annual reimbursement up to $10 for responsible yard waste recycling, in addition to the clean-up event.

This offer is valid at any time during the year. For additional details about the town’s yard waste recycling program, visit .

For more information about the town of Windsor Utilities, visit .

This article was originally published in Greeley Tribune